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Equinox Textbooks and Surveys in Linguistics
Edited by: Robin Fawcett

This two-pronged series provides textbooks for beginning students as well as offering handbooks and surveys of specific research topics.

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Functional Syntax Handbook (December 2015)
Analysing English at the Level of Form
Robin Fawcett

The Power of Language (December 2015)
How Discourse Influences Society
Second Edition
Lynne Young, Michael Fitzgerald, Saira Fitzgerald

Multimodal Corpus-Based Approaches to Website Analysis (November 2015)
Anthony Baldry, Kay O'Halloran

Corpora and Meaning (September 2015)
Steven Jones, Howard Jackson

Meaning-Centered Grammar (September 2015)
An Introductory Text
Second Edition
Craig Hancock

Text Linguistics (September 2014)
The How and Why of Meaning
M.A.K. Halliday, Jonathan J. Webster

An Introduction to English Sentence Structure (March 2014)
Clauses, Markers, Missing Elements
Jon Jonz

Learning to Write/Reading to Learn (May 2012)
Genre, Knowledge and Pedagogy in the Sydney School
David Rose, JR Martin

An Introduction to Linguistics and Language Studies (March 2011)
Anne McCabe

Writing Readable Research (September 2010)
A Guide for Students of Social Science
Beverly Lewin

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