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Writing, Reading and Language (October 2016)
Craig Hancock

The Power of Language (December 2015)
How Discourse Influences Society
Second Edition
Lynne Young, Michael Fitzgerald, Saira Fitzgerald
Series: Equinox Textbooks and Surveys in Linguistics

Team Talk (December 2015)
Decision-Making across the Boundaries in Health and Social Care
Edited by: Srikant Sarangi, Per Linell
Series: Studies in Communication in Organisations and Professions

Faithfulness in Phonological Theory (December 2015)
Marc van Oostendorp
Series: Advances in Optimality Theory

A Multimodal Approach to Classroom Discourse (December 2015)
Kay O'Halloran
Series: Functional Linguistics

The Dictionary Wars (December 2015)
The Struggle for Language from the Birth of the Enlightenment to the French Revolution
David Eick

Functional Syntax Handbook (December 2015)
Analysing English at the Level of Form
Robin Fawcett
Series: Equinox Textbooks and Surveys in Linguistics

Multimodal Corpus-Based Approaches to Website Analysis (November 2015)
Anthony Baldry, Kay O'Halloran
Series: Equinox Textbooks and Surveys in Linguistics

Gramática Funcional del Español en los EE.UU. (November 2015)
María Cecelia Colombi
Series: Discussions in Functional Approaches to Language

Seriously Creative Writing (October 2015)
Stylistic Strategies in Non-Fictional Writing
Sky Marsen
Series: Frameworks for Writing

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